2017 Construction Projects

CIPLogoFINAL(Small)2017 is gearing up to be a busy year for infrastructure improvements. Several capital improvement projects, detailed in the Village's 10-Year Community Improvement Program (CIP), are already on the books – endeavors which will improve the quality of life for our residents and improve visitor experiences.

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View the Fiscal Year 2018 CIP Project Schedule (As of June 2017)

Storm Water Drainage Improvement Projects


Weekly Construction Update: Friday, June 23

Berger Excavating wrapped up the fifth week of construction on Friday, June 23. This week, the contractor focused on pipe installation on Park Avenue between Bluff Street and Grove Street. At the end of the day Friday, the contractor finished pipe installation just west of the intersection of Park Avenue and Grove Street.

Construction will resume on Park Avenue on Monday, June 26, 2017. As construction nears the intersection with Grove Street, residents are advised to use alternate routes whenever possible to avoid active work zones. Those residents who reside on the streets directly affected will be granted access when needed throughout the day, and access to driveways will be restored to all residents by the end of the workday. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as these and other major Community Improvement Program (CIP) projects move along this summer.


Storm Water Drainage Projects Background
A series of storm water improvement projects were proposed after a comprehensive study, conducted in 2014, found that the storm water collection infrastructure in the Skokie Ridge and Terrace Court neighborhoods, Greenwood Avenue Basin, the Madison Avenue Basin and the Hazel Avenue Underpass was insufficient to ensure proper drainage of our streets during/after rain events. Voters approved a bond referendum in April 2015 supporting these projects, and in 2016 improvements were made within the Skokie Ridge and Terrace Court basins.

The remaining three projects are slated for this summer per the following schedule:

  • Madison Avenue Basin: Late May through late June
  • Greenwood Avenue/Park Avenue Basin: Early June through late July
  • Hazel Avenue Underpass: August

View 2016-2017 Storm Water Drainage Improvement Projects Map

The Village selected contractor Berger Excavating Contractors, Inc. of Wauconda, Illinois to complete this project, however questions can be forwarded to Village Engineer Anna Kesler at akesler@villageofglencoe.org / (847) 461-1119. Please note, that neighbors to the project may experience restricted day-time access to driveways and there may be minimal impact to the street, parkway, curb and gutter.

More details will be posted here and shared via Glencoe CONNECT, Village eNews and social media as they become available.  

Water Main Replacement

Improvements to water main infrastructure are triggered by one of three reasons: 1) replacement due to age/deterioration of existing pipe, 2) replacement to accommodate increased residential supply needs or 3) addition or replacement to accommodate increased firefighting supply needs.

The Village has four water main improvements slated for 2017:

  • Sunset Lane: Increase fire flow
  • Wentworth Avenue/Mary Street: Loop water main due to increased residential needs
  • Mary Street: Increase pipe size due to increased residential needs
  • Brookside Lane: Increase fire flow

Street Resurfacing

In 2016, the Village of Glencoe retained Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) to assess the surface conditions of all public roadways maintained by the Village. Taking into account Fiscal Year 2018 budget quantities, Village staff used the condition assessment data to select those streets which were identified as being in the poorest shape.


Glencoe is a pedestrian friendly community. With the high frequency of foot and stroller traffic on Village sidewalks, coupled with natural settling which occurs over time, Village staff keep a running list of sidewalk sections which need replacing.

In 2017, the Village will continue to work in Area 1 (approximately Lake Cook Road to Dundee Road).