Garbage Collection Analysis

Garbage Collection Analysis Overview

As part of the Village’s three-year Strategic Work Plan, the Village Board requested that staff analyze the current in-house residential and commercial garbage collection program. In Phase I of the analysis, presented to the Village Board in November 2016, staff completed a comprehensive program study, including a review of all current operational costs, service levels, long-term capital costs and program efficiencies. Staff used program cost evaluation methods, established by the International City/County Management Association, to determine that the total annual cost of the garbage collection services program in Fiscal Year 2016 was $1,793,651, inclusive of a $433,369 subsidy from the General Fund. View the full Garbage Collection Analysis Document.

The cost for this critical service is significant, but is due in large part to the way this service has been provided with high level of responsiveness. The costs of equipment, personnel and insurance, fall fully on the Village in the collection of garbage. However, from the analysis, staff concluded and the Village Board agreed that opportunities are available to the Village, as seen in other local communities, that would reduce costs while maintaining, or even improving, service levels. These opportunities include the use of a private garbage hauler to provide residential garbage collection services in lieu of Village staff.

After reviewing the analysis, the Village Board directed staff to further investigate these opportunities, while also engaging the community to better understand our residents’ expectations. Phase II of the analysis involves exploring alternatives to the current program, including the possibility of contracting with a private garbage hauler.

To help evaluate which services residents find most valuable, Village staff is embarking on a comprehensive resident engagement process, starting with the Garbage Collection Survey which closed Friday, March 31. Look for other ways to engage with the Village on this topic in the coming months, including at various summer-time events. Your feedback is critically important to this analysis and will be used to help guide the decision-making process on what services might be offered into the future.

In summer 2017, staff will gather additional information on program alternatives, including seeking competitive proposals from private garbage haulers and will present findings to the Village Board later this summer.

A summary of our current program is included in the infographic below. Still have questions? Visit the Garbage Analysis FAQ here.

Garbage Collection Analysis Infographic