Dog Recreation Task Force Begins Its Work

Staff worked through the summer and into the early fall on a framework to highlight some of the dog recreation needs in our community and outline potential steps to positive resolution outcomes.  The framework was then presented to a joint committee meeting of the Dog Park Committee, the Natural Resources and Conservation Committee and the Recreation and Parks Committee in late October.  November allowed for individual committee discussion of how to proceed and December resulted in submissions of committee volunteers to support the Task Force.  We are now at a point of scheduling our first meeting and look forward to gathering these varied perspectives around the table to review the frame work and get busy with creation of a work plan.  Our first virtual meeting will be Tuesday February 9 at 12:00.  All agendas ( which will include virtual meeting information) as well as minutes will be posted on the city website.  Want to learn more about this work?  Here is a link to the framework document. Look to next week’s release of South Burlington City News for a historic timeline of the dog parks in South Burlington as well as an update on the Spring construction of the Wheeler Dog Park.