Annual Meeting  and the Ballot

Annual Meeting: Information on Meetings, Public Hearings, and the Ballot

Monday, March 1   |  7 pm

Virtual Meeting   This meeting will be held fully electronically.  Interactive Online Meeting (audio & video)

The legal voters of the City of South Burlington are further warned and notified that a virtual public information meeting will be held to discuss Articles I, II, and III on Monday, March 1, 2021 on Zoom.  

View the warning.

Tuesday, March 2  |  7 am - 7 pm

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Ballots for the March 2, 2021 Annual Meeting have been mailed. Mail the completed ballot back to the City Clerk, place in drop box at entrance of City Hall, or bring it with you to the polls on March 2.  See the ballot.

For more information on elections, voting, etc., visit the Clerk's information.

Let's look at the three municipal articles on the City Ballot. Below you will find key points and links to where you can learn more.

Article I: Candidates for City Council
There are 2 seats up for election this year on City Council. One of which is a competitive race between incumbent David Kaufmann and Matt Cota. (Helen Riehle is running, unopposed.) Volunteers worked with SBHS students to do structured 40-minute interviews with candidates on ZOOM. In each case the students helped write the questions and asked the questions. Here is the link to the forum for these two candidates:

Article II: FY 2022 Budget
The key components of the proposed budget are:
  • Lowest Tax Rate increase in 10 years (just under a 1% increase)
  • Nine unfunded staff positions
  • Somewhat reduced level of service in some departments
  • Meets all contractual obligations
  • Meets all bonded debt obligations
  • Support for the Capital Improvement 10-year Plan
  • Funds annual assessments & support to other entities
What is the average annual cost to a property owner?
Condo owner:                                $13.01 (avg value of $236,481)
Detached primary residence:         $18.76 (avg value of $341,085)

To learn more about this Article:
    1.  Watch a presentation on the budget:
    2.  Access the budget details, including revenue and expenses:
    3.  Attend the Virtual Public Hearing on Monday, March 1. Go to the City calendar at to access log on information.

Article III: TIF Financing for Garden Street
Article III on the City's ballot asks voters to consider $4,002,550 in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) debt to invest in the construction of Garden Street to
connect Williston Road with Dorset Street, crossing Market Street.

Will this increase my property taxes?
No. The debt payments will be paid by Tax Increment Financing (TIF) revenues. There will be no additional demand on the property taxpayer to pay for this connection.

To learn more about this Article:
    1. View a video overview:
    2. Attend the Virtual Public Hearing on Monday, March 1. Log on information is above.