April Stools Day at Wheeler

April 10th | 9 am | Wheeler Nature Park
Led by Drew Shatzer & Lina Swislocki, VT Master Naturalists

Poop stinks!

Most people know that it is imperative to pick up pet waste, but participation in this unpleasant duty seems to drop off during the winter, leading to a depressing back log, as anyone walking through a city park can see.

Besides the ugliness of poop piles and foul fecal fumes, dog droppings are bad for the environment: poisoning waterways, burning plants, and infecting people. 

  • Poop is full of nutrients that feed weeds and algae in the water, which lead to the algal blooms that close our beaches and negatively impact the ecosystem of the lake. 
  • These same nutrients can overwhelm land plants, leaving them burnt or discolored. 
  • Parasites like roundworm, cryptosporidia, giardia, and salmonella spread by passing their eggs out of their hosts via poop. If left on the ground, those eggs can linger in soil for years, and can filter into groundwater. Anyone gardening, playing sports, walking barefoot, digging in the infected dirt, or swallowing unpurified water risks coming into contact with those parasites.
So, let’s help a neighbor out.

Please dress appropriately for the weather.  The City will provide gloves and trash bags.

Capacity is limited for this event, and a completed registration will be required to participate.  Anyone that does not register will not be allowed to participate in the event the day of.  State health guidelines are being followed, and the event could be cancelled pending any additional guidelines published by the state.

The City is requiring the following during this event:
  • Wear a mask during the event.
  • Maintain social distancing during event.
  • Utilize hand sanitizer upon arrival.
  • Do not share equipment.
  • No dogs are allowed during this event.
  • If you are feeling sick, please do not attend this event.
  • If you have recently traveled, please check the Governor’s most recent orders/guidance to make sure that you have followed any appropriate quarantine requirements. If you have not met them, please do not participate in this event.
If you have questions about this event or would like to register,
please contact Ashley Parker at: aparker@sburl.com.