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Radar Loan Program

Officer with Radar GunThe Tinley Park Police Department recently began a radar loan program that allows residents to borrow a professional radar device in order to identify potential speeding issues in their neighborhood. 

The program also can help residents understand how fast vehicles are really moving. Vehicles may appear to be traveling much faster than they actually are, and the radar will help to better assess their speeds.

A Bushnell Speedster III radar gun is available at the front desk at the police department and will be lent for a maximum of seven days. Immediately after filling out the Radar Loan Agreement and receiving a radar device, residents will meet with a police officer to go over proper use, responsibility and policy for the unit. The borrower will then be required to read and sign an "Information to User" form. 

Police will also give residents a sheet on which to record vehicle speed, direction of traffic and time of day. At the end of the loan period, all data will be given to the traffic safety officer for further review. If a speed problem is detected, the traffic safety officer will conduct a formal speed study, followed by recommended actions.
Borrowers will not be able to stop a vehicle; follow, detain, approach or confront any suspected violator; or video record a suspected violator or motor vehicle. No traffic tickets will be issued based on any radar loan speed observations. Borrowers are also prohibited from operating the radar unit from a location within the roadway unless from a safely and legally parked motor vehicle, or from operating the unit from a moving vehicle.

Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Those interested in participating in the program can submit a request. Once contacted for a meeting by the traffic safety officer, participants should download, print and then fill out the below forms to take with them to the police department:

For more information, please call the Village of Tinley Park Police Department at (708) 444-5368.