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The Investigative Division is primarily responsible for the follow-up investigation of crimes committed against persons or property in the Village of Tinley Park. Investigators obtain evidence for use in the apprehension and prosecution of law violators. Detectives receive specialized training in many areas to ensure investigations are conducted with the highest standards of investigative expertise and integrity.

Specialized areas of investigation within the division include:

  • Digital Forensics: examines and retrieves digital evidence to aid in the investigations of such offenses as cyber stalking, forgery, theft, email/text messaging harassment and other Internet-related crimes
  • Juvenile Crimes: investigates incidents involving offenders and victims age 17 and younger
  • School Resource Officer (SRO): An SRO is assigned to Andrew High School to handle all police-related matters. The SRO also acts as a liaison between the police department and school faculty and staff.
  • Sex Offender Tracking Team: verifies residency, employment and vehicle information for all registered sex offenders in Tinley Park on a regular basis
  • Tactical Unit: a covert, undercover unit that handles narcotics investigations, surveillance and other specialized operations as needed.
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