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Garbage Removal and Recycling

Homewood Disposal has created a garbage and recycling resource page just for Tinley Park residents. Check it out for valuable information related to garbage and recycling pickup.

The Village's contract with Homewood Disposal Services went into effect Oct. 1, 2019 and includes benefits such as e-waste collection, Christmas tree collection, special discounts for veterans and seniors, and the option for townhomes and condominiums to opt-in. The rates are $25.35 per month for residents, $23.85 per month for resident seniors age 65 and older, and $0 per month for certified 100% disabled veterans.

The contract also offers oversized bulk item collection for $45 per item. While Homewood Disposal picked up general bulk items in the past (such as chairs, bikes, tables, mattresses, etc.), the new contract gives residents the option for oversized bulk items (such as pianos, hot tubs and spas) that require two or more collectors to pick up or require a special truck to remove because the item will not fit in the garbage truck.

Christmas tree collection will occur the first two weeks following Christmas on residents’ regular collection day. All ornaments, lights and tinsel must be removed and may not be set out in a plastic tree bag. Flocked trees will be collected as trash. 

Residents can receive e-waste collection as needed, which must be scheduled with HDS prior to collection. Residents are limited to two TVs or monitors per single-family home per year.

The contract also offers an optional service for townhome and condominium associations at a per-unit rate of $23.29 per month for individual invoicing and $21.74 per month for HOA-direct invoicing. The service includes a weekly collection of refuse with a cart and every other week collection of recycling with a cart. Interested associations are encouraged to contact Homewood Disposal for further information.

How to apply for senior/veteran discounts
Eligible seniors pay $24.74 per month ($74.22 quarterly), and certified 100-percent disabled veterans pay nothing per month. Eligible residents who wish to receive these discounts on their next bill must do the following:

  1. Fill out the Proof of Discount form.
  2. Provide a driver’s license/state ID or birth certificate to show proof of age.
  3. Provide either a utility bill or a tax bill to show proof of property ownership.
  4. Disabled veterans also must provide a “100% Disabled” letter from Veterans Affairs.

Mail or drop off all required documents to Homewood Disposal, 17726 S. Oak Park Ave., Tinley Park. Please note that payments will continue to be made at Homewood Disposal, as Village Hall does not accept payment for garbage.


Note: Please do not put your garbage cans or recycling bins in the street. They interfere with the street sweeper, snow plows and regular traffic.

Electronic Recycling
For more information on what kinds of e-waste Homewood Disposal accepts, please see the attached flyer.

Simple Recycling
The Simple Recycling program allows for free, convenient curbside collection of textiles.  Learn more on the Textile Recycling Program page.

Ask the EEC
Have your questions answered by members of the Tinley Park Environmental Enhancement Commission! Submit your questions to

Question: I recently purchased new kitchen appliances, which were in foam packaging material. I remember seeing a foam recycling station at the Tinley Park Recycling Extravaganza last year. Where can I recycle the foam packaging material I just received?
Answer: The Village partnered with Dart Container Corporation during the last recycling event. Visit Dart's website to find recycling instructions and a location near you. Please note that Dart doesn't accept packaging peanuts; visit for more information on recycling and reusing packing peanuts.

Question: Where can I recycle empty ink cartridges, and when is the date of the next Recycling Extravaganza?

Answer: Plans have already begun for the next Recycling Extravaganza, which is scheduled for 2022. In the meantime, you can recycle empty ink and toner cartridges at office supply stores and big-box stores. For Office Depot and Staples, you can bring your ink to any register. These office supply stores also offer online ink recycling (check each website for details). Best Buy and Target have in-store kiosks near the front of the store. Walmart has a kiosk right in its ink cartridge aisle.

Question: What is the best way to safely dispose of household hazardous waste such as weed killer and fertilizer?
Answer: Neither the Village of Tinley Park nor Homewood Disposal Service accepts household hazardous waste such as weed killer and fertilizer for disposal. However, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency does offer one-day events and long-term collection sites for household hazardous waste. Visit the EPA website to learn more.

Additional Resources 
For more information on the e-waste law and a complete list of registered recyclers, collectors and refurbishers, visit the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency or call (217) 524-6713.